Jude’s PJ Masks 4th Birthday Party

I literally obsess over my child’s birthday parties. Probably way more than any parent should. I’m sure it’s not healthy. But I LOVE party planning. It could be because I never got to have any elaborate birthdays growing up and I like to think I’m a creative person. I start Pintrest boards with possible themes MONTHS in advanced of her party and add to them whenever I get a chance. We’ve had a Princess 1st Birthday, Minnie Mouse 2nd Birthday, Sofia the First 3rd Birthday, and this year was PJ Masks 4th Birthday! It was also our first year of having friends for daycare/school there which added a whole other layer of stress to me because I kept thinking about impressing the other parents. (I mean, after all, I can always use friends!)

I was afraid there wouldn’t be enough to do and I didn’t want a bunch of four year olds to be bored, because that is just a call for disaster! We set up our bounce house (we got a GREAT deal on it a couple years ago at SAMs Club.) But let’s just say…four is probably the last birthday party it will be coming to. All the kids are a little too rambunctious for it and I felt like we needed a medic on standby. (Only one little finger was hurt throughout the whole bouncing experience, win!)

Since it was PJ Masks, aka super heroes, we had to have capes and masks, duh!

We set up obstacle courses for the kids to do. Which ended with what I thought was the coolest idea ever. Instead of a pinata, I did punching bowls. So the object is to glue the bowls that are filled with stuff and cover them with paper. Then the kids each get an equal amount of candy/stuff whereas with a pinata a kid can grab a lot and some kids only get a little. Well, let’s just say that my idea didn’t work out quite as planned… I mean, after all, I did throw it together literally the night before…

Looks great, right? Well… I didn’t think about that fact that I used regular computer paper and not like…tissue paper. So the kids had a really hard time punching through it. #partyfail

But the kids found ways to get their little surprises. Whether punching it super hard until it broke, ripping the paper, or just plain ripping it off the board, fun was had by all. And there was a lot of laughter from the parents as we watched our kids problem solve to get their candy!

We also decorated little pinewood derby cars because the PJ Masks each have their own special super hero car! This was super fun for the kids, but I wasn’t expecting them to not be able to play with them before the party was over, but when you give kids paint and glitter glue…they can go a little overboard. I don’t think Jude’s was dry for almost two full days!

You are probably thinking…Where’s the cake? She always makes cake! Well, sorry to disappoint, but I made cupcakes instead of cake because it worked better with the theme. We had Romeo’s Cupcake Lab at this party! (For those parents who aren’t tortured with PJ Masks, Romeo is a villain scientist.) This worked out amazing because each kid got to decorate their own!

Overall, it was a great birthday party. It rained, but thankfully we were under a pavilion that was big enough to host the whole thing (bounce house too!) I have no clue what sort of theme Jude will pick for next year, but I’m pretty stoked! I think I got some new mom friends too, which is super exciting and fun!

**Photo credit for some of these goes to my brother in-law, Kevin.


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