Macy’s 1st Birthday

I totally had this little post written months ago and realized I never actually published it!

Besides family, Macy was the first baby I went and saw the day she was born in the hospital. She is the daughter of my husband and I’s super close friends that we met when we first moved to West Virginia. What I will always remember about Macy as a baby was the amount of beautiful hair she had on her head when she was born. I think I was secretly jealous because I was bald until I was almost two years old…and so was my daughter!

It’s hard to believe that Macy is already a year old! She’s always on the go, and she loves puppies, so she’s a girl right after my own heart!

For Macy’s birthday, I did a small vanilla smash cake decorated with rosettes. The cupcakes were chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla.

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