Sofia the First Birthday Cake

sofia cake

Sofia the First Birthday Cake

My little princess turned THREE! Last year when we were planning her birthday party (which I start planning like 3-4 months prior) we had settled on Mickey and Minnie and then she decided she liked Sofia better. So we were able to give her the Sofia themed party this year!

sofia birthday

The cake features Sofia the First, Clover (the bunny,) and Crackle (the dragon.) The figures came in a pack that Santa brought Jude for Christmas, which was convenient that I didn’t need to buy figurines just for this cake!

sofia the first birthday themeThe bottom layer (the purple one) is chocolate cake, the top layer is vanilla. It is iced with my special buttercream icing. The flowers on top are handmade buttercream flowers. I was super excited to do flowers again on a cake because I haven’t gotten to much since leaving my job at the grocery store. Everyone now a days really likes fondant cakes, but I am such a sucker for the simplistic buttercream cakes with flowers and simple borders! simple sofia cakeIt was such a wonderful and beautiful day with our friends and family! I still can’t believe I have a three year old! We’re so blessed to have this little girl with such a bubbly and quirky personality! I’m also thankful that I am able to dream up her cakes and put them into reality and see her reaction when she sees them for the first time!

sofia the first party

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