Makeover – Kitchen Table

Couples who DIY together stay together? Or something like that…

Tom and I LOVE making over furniture. He’s the crafty carpenter and I’m mainly there cause I’m better at spray painting without drips!

Can we just appreciate how great I looked while spray painting?

spray painting gear
We were given a kitchen table from my aunt and Tom had an idea to refinish it.

before shot of table
*photo courtesy of google images*

This is very similar to the table style and chairs we started with.

First, it was heavily sanded to get out all the marks and scratches that a certain toddler helps create…

Enter Tom’s brilliant twist of a built in centerpiece…he cut the hole in the middle and created a box underneath! We technically could plant stuff in there but for those of you that know me know I have ZERO ability to keep plants alive!

Next was spray painting. And LOTS of it. I want to say we ended up using 9 cans of spray paint total? Don’t quote me but it was a lot! We spray painted the table legs and all of the chairs except where the fabric was going to go!

refinished dining room table
makeover kitchen table

The chairs took a lot of work and a lot of staples. We picked out the fabric from Hobby Lobby (and bought way too much of it.) We glued padding down to the chair and then cut, worked, and stapled the fabric to the chairs. It is definitely not a task for the impatient, that’s for sure!

reupholstered chairs

Meanwhile, the table was stained with the color Jacobean (Minwax from Lowes) and was almost ready to go!

centerpiece kitchen table

refinished family table
And voila!

We had a new kitchen table! I love the centerpiece. Currently we just have river rock with two tea lights but are definitely looking forward to changing it up for seasons and holidays!

If you’ve never tried to do a DIY project with your significant other I highly suggest doing it! Even though there can be disagreements along the way picking colors, etc. it is great to appreciate the end result together! I know this isn’t the first and it definitely won’t be the last of Tom and I’s DIY projects!!

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