When Your Best Friend Becomes Your Sister

I hope everyone is fortunate enough to have that best friend that can’t just be called a “best friend” anymore. They are upgraded to “sister” status. For me, that’s my best friend/sister Katie. We became friends at ages 14 & 15 and now over 10 years later – she’s definitely turned into my sister.

  1. The parent approval of a boy in your life is not nearly as important as the approval from her. 
    If she doesn’t like or get along with a guy you like…he’s gone by morning.high school best friends

2. Her parents love you so much that they hang up pictures of you in their house and refer to you as their “other daughter.”
Or in our case, they just don’t even say “other” anymore.
dances with best friend

3. You have a hard time finding a “normal” picture of the two of you. 
Exhibit: Every picture in this post.

silly pictures with best friend

4. You’re heart breaks when theirs does.
If they are crying, chances are – when you hang up that phone or leave – you’re crying too. You can be tough for them when you’re with them, but not afterwards.

fun faces with best friend

5. You’ve talked about some of the grossest things imaginable. 
Things that even make your husbands/boyfriends grossed out.

having fun with your best friend

6. Whenever you have news (big or small) she is the first to know. 
For me, sometimes this is even before my husband!

stupid poses with your best friend

7. You can speak volumes without even speaking a word. 
You can read each other’s minds very well.

kisses from your best friend

8. You have ridiculous nicknames for each other. 
Some of which you don’t even remember where they came from.

suns out tongues out

9. The inside jokes are never ending. 
People get annoyed hanging out with you because they just don’t get “it.”

crazy nights with your best friend

10. They are the only person that can pick on you about ex boyfriends or flings.
You’d kill anyone else for bringing them up.

weird is fun

11. No matter how long you go without seeing each other – it’s like you never left each other’s side. 
You pick right back up to cracking jokes and laughing the day away.

Katie, please don’t kill me for the throwback pictures – I just couldn’t help myself!! 😛

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