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Haley & Zach – August 6th, 2016

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Haley has always been a big supporter of mine! She’s referred so many people to me and I am forever grateful for it! I’m so happy & honored that she chose me to do her wedding cake!

I met Haley when she moved to our school in 7th grade and I wish I could say we were friends from the start but that wasn’t exactly the case! haha! We both had a crush on the same boy in our math class but after he “played” both of us (as if playing in 7th grade really mattered) and she threw his necklace up in a tree – I knew we were meant to become friends! And we did!

I was so happy when I heard Haley met someone like Zach! She deserved so much happiness and I was so glad she finally found someone that made her so happy!  Zach is a police officer which is never an easy job (thanks for protecting us all, Zach!) and Haley is his biggest fan and supporter. They are an ideal couple.

We all joked on how Zach took FOREVER to propose because we all just knew they were meant to be together. I literally sent him photos of a jewelry catalog once that said  “It’s Engagement Season”and he’s just respond with “I KNOW!”

Their wedding was gorgeous! They had it at The Creekside Barn in Gaines, PA. I absolutely loved the rustic theme with the antlers. The way Zach looked at Haley during their First Look shoot was something out of a movie and they just share the best love.

This was my first time doing a “naked” wedding cake for someone and I have to admit, I was a little bit nervous – but the bride & groom liked it so that’s all that matters! Thanks for the opportunity Haley & Zach! I wish you a happy healthy marriage full of love! <3

Featured image courtesy of Elizabeth Compton Photography.

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