Tips & Tricks for Getting Hitched

I wrote this for a friend who got engaged to go in her wedding planner! 

1. Don’t let anyone tell you what you should want. From relatives to friends- everyone THINKS they know what you want. Don’t listen.

wedding makeup

2. You don’t have to ask your bridal party in a special way. With Pintrest and all these over the top ideas- your friends are just honored to be a part of your day. If they really care about you, they know you don’t have hours on end to devote to making them special gifts just to ask a simple questions!

matron of honor

3. Put people on your guest list that you want to be at your wedding. If you haven’t seen your 4th cousin 2 times removed in 10 years- don’t invite them. (And when family asks, just say the invitation must have gotten lost.)

groomsmen bride shot

4. Make sure you price compare!Don’t just accept that a shuttle bus is $1000…compare compare compare.

bridesmaids shot

5. Be a bridezilla when you need to be.Planning a wedding can bring out the worst in you…When someone is trying to walk all over you- DON’T LET THEM. Put your foot down, be mean if you have to be!

bride picture

6. Your seating chart is not as big of a deal as you think it is. People will only be sitting there for dinner- if your aunts don’t get along- who cares! They can be civil for one hour that night for your sake.

wedding party photo

7. Break in your wedding shoes BEFORE rehearsal dinner.Wear them at least three times before rehearsal if you don’t want blisters on your wedding day!

new siblings photo

8. Something WILL go wrong on your wedding day- don’t sweat it.Your soon-to-be husband will be an hour late for groomsmen pictures and be rushed through them…But just go with it. People will readjust for you.

bridesmaids groom photo

9. If you want to see him the day of the wedding-do it.  Yes…Old traditions…Everyone thinks we should follow them. Start your own tradition. From coffee in the morning with him to first-look pictures…if it’s going to make you more comfortable that day, do it.

jumping wedding photo

10. Have the caterers make you a to-go container.  You will barely have any time to eat at your wedding, and you’ll be starving afterwards!

wedding ring photo

11. Lastly, the week before the wedding- go with the flow. Stop stressing about everything. This is the reason you have bridesmaids and family. Tell them what to do- boss them around!!

mr and mrs photo

Our wedding photos courtesy of Elizabeth Compton Photography

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