Real Reasons Your Toddler is Crying

The terrible twos are a real thing. Someone explained it to me as the dethroning of your child, which is exactly what it is. Up until they are two, they can’t really talk or tell you what they want, so they are kind of the boss and you are driven to do things for them via their tears and screams. But once they start to talk and you know they can understand you, you start making them follow your rules and now you are the boss, aka dethroning them from their royalty. This leads to many tantrums, breakdowns, etc. for them and sometimes it’s just too hard not to laugh at.

Well, our daughter has just turned two. And here are 25 of our favorite (semi-hilarious) things our daughter has recently cried over:

1. You asked her to brush her teeth. 
2. Daddy put her down. 
3. You won’t let her eat the orange she dropped in the dirt. 
4. You took off her shoes for bedtime. 
5. You won’t let her eat chocolate for dinner. 
6. She caught you sneaking a piece of candy. 
7. The dog took her potato chip. 
8. She hit daddy on the head on accident. 
9. You wouldn’t let her wear Elsa pjs in public. (We’ve since given in to this one.)
10. The puppy licked her finger. 
11. Her play tent fell down when she hit it. 
12. You made her put on matching socks. 
13. Her blanket cape fell off. 
14. She ballerina twirled into the bookcase. 
15. The Spanish music video for “Let It Go” came on after we finished Frozen. 
16. You wouldn’t give her more ketchup at dinner (she was eating it by the spoonful.) 
17. You wouldn’t let her have mommy’s medicine. 
18. Our dog wouldn’t eat the blackberry she was trying to give him. 
19. The arms of her coat wouldn’t fit on her legs. 
20. You wouldn’t let her stand on the automatic door at the grocery store. 
21. She got sand in her sandals. 
22. She thinks you locked the door (but you didn’t.) 
23. The fruit snacks ran out. 
24. You wouldn’t let her drink mommy’s coffee.
25. You wouldn’t let her open the 500 piece puzzle. 

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