A Not So Happy Birthday

Not only did we take our daughter out of daycare with all of her friends 4 days before her 2nd birthday, we also moved her 4 hours away to another state 3 days before. We had her party the weekend before the move so most of our families could be there to see her and us one last time. So as you can imagine, that next day when we began packing up all of her brand new toys and putting things in boxes, she wasn’t exactly happy. She did wonderful on the move, got restless towards the end, but so did we. We had both sets of grandparents helping us, so she still had her “Gammy, Pappy, Mimi, and Poppy” fixes. I was pretty nervous that she would be upset when everyone left on Monday, but she was adjusting pretty well. She liked the bigger living room and quickly learned how to open the front door & the pantry where the snacks are. Tuesday morning! Her official 2nd Birthday!! YAYYY Couldn’t wait!! We had a big surprise for her that morning! We got one of those battery operated hot wheels cars and I scraped everything off and made it “Frozen” themed!! (Her favorite movie!)

At some point in the early morning hours, she ended up in our bed. So when she wakes up around 7:00 am we are all like “BIRTHDAY GIR…… what the heck!??!” She has pink eye. Who wakes up ON THEIR BIRTHDAY nonetheless with PINK EYE?!?! All plans we had made of taking her to a park to play on swings, etc. immediately go out the door. Okay, it’s okay, we still have the Frozen car. Breakfast. Off to Urgent Care we go. (Since we don’t have a pediatrician here yet.) Get prescribed the eye drops. Go to the pharmacy…they don’t have her prescription. -.- Drive back to Urgent Care. Pick up the hand-written prescription. Fill prescription. Come home. Takes both of us to hold her down to get the drops in. 🙁 She hates us for awhile. Lots of tears. Then she wants cuddles and we watched some Sophia the First because we feel bad. Send husband to get the Frozen car ready for the big reveal! Husband informs you the car isn’t working… -.- Try charging the battery some more. Still doesn’t work. Husband takes the entire thing apart and figures out the problem. Needs a part from Lowes, so he goes.

So I take her outside and walk around. She sees mud puddles. Thinking she will hate getting her socks and sneakers wet, I let her put a foot in. WRONG. She LOVES it. She continues to jump in the puddles. When she completely falls in, I made her get out with causes a huge meltdown. Tears. Tears. Tears. In this process, she got me completely covered in mud and I’m soaked. So inside we go. Husband fixed the car but now it’s dinner time. I made her favorite! Spaghetti!! Come dinner time though, she doesn’t want spaghetti she just wants the plain noodles. So I give her plain noodles and she eats about 10 and says “all done.” Get her down from the high chair- she immediately goes to the pantry and says “hungy.” Offer her the spaghetti on her plate. Tears. Distract her with birthday gifts from a friend – an Anna and an Elsa doll! Perfect! She immediately wants them out of the packaging.

The big moment is here!! We can FINALLY give her the Frozen car I spent hours scraping and redoing! Her facial expression when she sees it was priceless. Immediately my heart swells and I’m so happy and thinking “okay…her birthday isn’t so awful after all.” Well approximately 7.32 minutes later she stands up in her car, loses her balance and falls out. Tears. Put the car back, cuddle away tears. Distract her with birthday cake! After 6 bites (that she insisted Daddy spoon feeds her) she’s “done.” Then she walks back to the pantry and says “hungy.” *face palm here* Tell her no. Tears. Bath time. More tears. Pajama time. Wants to play instead of going to bed. Tears. Bedtime.

So as I unwound from this awful day that happened to be my perfect little 2 year old’s birthday I’m thinking to myself…”Okay, tomorrow will be better. I’ll make it up to her. We can go to the park and do all the things we wanted to do today.” It was also was going to be my first day as a stay-at-home mommy with her! And when the next morning came around…she had pink eye in the other eye.

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