Haldeman Wedding

Tim & Whitnie- May 16th, 2015








Photos- Ashley Errington Photography http://ashleyerrington.com/

Whitnie and I became close-ish while we had to work together at Penn College. We realized pretty quickly that our friendship was awesome and we became super tight knit! I was so beyond excited for her and Tim to get married! This girl had EVERY detail planned out SO perfectly for her wedding- It was insane, but incredible!! As I was busy planning my own wedding – I was jealous of her creativity and organization! Their wedding was beautiful. They were wed at the college campus, the place the met, and violin was played, the sun was shining, and her and Tim drank wine. It was a great wedding & an even greater reception! We danced til they kicked us out.

Whitnie & Tim wanted cupcakes for the guests and the cake to feed the bridal party & family. Whitnie has always been a glittery gal, so I made sure everything sparkled for her! 🙂 Congratulations Whitnie & Tim! So happy to have you in our lives! <3

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